If you are inquiring on having your child baptized, please call the office at 613-232-4891 then fill out the online application form below and save it to your desktop before emailing.

For your protection, our fillable forms will not save personal information online.

Note: Once you have filled out the Baptism Application Form, you must first SAVE the document to your desktop “(Firstname)(Lastname)Baptism.pdf”, and then email it as an attachment to Save it to your desktop prior to attaching, or we receive a blank form!

Baptism Preparation Classes

Parents and Godparents are invited to participate in classes designed to prepare you for your child’s Baptism. The classes are a blend of videos and discussion, scheduled one on one or with other parents in the community. To find out when the next class is scheduled, or to discuss your child’s Baptism and preparation into our Catholic Faith, please contact Heather Deehan at, or call her cell phone at 613-850-2318.