The Role of Godparents

To be chosen as a Godparent is a special honour. You, above all others, have been entrusted with the responsibility to participate in this child’s Christian life and education. This privilege offers you the opportunity to develop a mutually enriching spiritual relationship — one that will last throughout this life and beyond.

There are many ways you can nurture this spiritual relationship and become a special friend to your Godchild. 

Among them are: 

  • Celebrate the anniversary of this holy day of Baptism each year with a visit, a call, or a card.
  • As your Godchild grows, listen to and share in the struggles and triumphs of living a Christian life, and keep yourself informed on Christian doctrine and values, to be able to answer questions as they arise. 
  • Encourage a consistent life of faith through special cards, letters, or gifts which celebrate holy events … Christmas, Easter… and personal growth events … graduation, first job, engagement. (Gift suggestions: a Bible, spiritual book, rosary, religious jewellery, gift certificate for religious goods/ books, retreat opportunities.) 
  • Participate in, or send assurance of prayer, as your Godchild receives the other sacraments, particularly First Communion and Confirmation, which complete initiation into the Church community. 
  • Be supportive of your Godchild’s parents in their role as the primary religious educators of their child. 
  • And most importantly, become a model of Christian living for your Godchild, through daily prayer, virtue and active participation in parish life and liturgy. By living a Christian life in partnership with your Godchild, both of you will experience the great joy of sharing a life of faith.