Holy Orders

Jesus loves us so much that, in the midst of a sinful and broken world, he entered our world as Fully God and Fully Man. He came to destroy the power of the devil, to forgive us our sins, and show us the way to Heaven.

Before his death and Resurrection, Jesus founded the Church, a Universal (‘catholica’) Church, in which the gates of hell would not prevail against it. He appointed 12 apostles to live with him, learn from him, and eventually, to follow in his footsteps to bring the Gospel of Jesus to the entire world. These Apostles, following the death and Resurrection of Christ, became the first bishops of the Church, and they ordained, through the laying on of hands, other bishops, priests and deacons to become fellow shepherds and evangelists in the world.

The Archdiocese of Ottawa-Cornwall is looking for good men with Christlike hearts to proclaim the Good News of salvation to the faithful of this Archdiocese. Christ is calling men who are truly humble with a shepherd’s heart to teach, celebrate sacraments, to safeguard the teachings of the faith, and encourage, protect, and lead all souls to Heaven.

Whether you are discerning a call to the priesthood or supporting a friend or family member pursuing a vocation, the Vocations Office is here to provide spiritual guidance and ongoing support. If you feel the Lord nudging you in the direction of the priesthood, your parish priest is usually the first point of contact. Sometimes a discerner feels that he’s not called to the priesthood because of fear of failure at the seminary, questions regarding lifelong celibacy, or fear of authority figures. I had similar questions when I was first discerning my call to the priesthood. Remember, there aren’t any stupid questions, and every unique calling begins with the first step.  

As director of Vocations for Ottawa-Cornwall, I look forward to hearing from you! Leave me a message on my phone or email me. We can talk on the phone or by zoom.  Eventually (hopefully soon), we can meet one on one, in person.

Fr. Pierre

Director of Vocations, Archdiocese of Ottawa-Cornwall