The street address for Blessed Sacrament Parish is 194 Fourth Avenue, Ottawa.

There are three parking options:

  • Street parking
  • Church parking lot at Corpus Christi
  • City of Ottawa parking garage

Street Parking

There is no metered parking along the residential streets. (See city signage for restrictions.)

Side streets are nearby, so parking “a block over” is an option.

To extend the street parking limits, we can secure city dashboard tickets for special events.

Church Parking Lot at Corpus Christi

Note: Our apologies, but due to our arrangement with the school, this lot cannot be offerred to hall rental clients.

The street address of Corpus Christi Catholic School is 798 Lyon Street.

  • The parking lot entrance is on Fourth Avenue, just west of Lyon.
  • There are also designated spaces on Lyon Street, in front of the school.

The lot is reserved for church parishioners, and is only unlocked for Sunday Mass and certain church events.

City of Ottawa Parking Garage

The street address of the parking garage is 170 Second Avenue.

Entrances are on both Second and Third Avenue, just west of Bank Street.

Landmark: On Bank Street between Second and Third, there is a large grocery store, McKeen Metro Glebe.