Congratulations on your engagement!

Marriage is a beautiful sign of the irrevocable love and unity between Jesus Christ, and His Bride, the Church. The Sacrament of Marriage images this total, faithful and fruitful relationship. We are happy to help prepare you for, not just your wedding day, but for the lifelong commitment of marriage.

If you would like get married at Blessed Sacrament, please contact the parish office at, or call 613-232-4891 to arrange a Prenuptial Interview with the Pastor at least 8 months prior to the desired date (if available).

For further information, please view the following document:

  • Please wait to meet with our Pastor before confirming your wedding date and time.
  • If couples are not registered parishioners, they will need to approach the Pastor of the parish where they attend Mass regularly and/or live, and, as required by Canon Law, request a Letter of Permission to marry outside their parish boundaries.
  • A Marriage Preparation Course must be completed by all couples (see details below).

Marriage Preparation Course

All couples are required to take a Marriage Preparation Course.  Please note that Blessed Sacrament Parish does not offer this course.

The Marriage Preparation Course is an opportunity for you to journey together with other engaged couples as you learn about married life. It’s a chance to discover more about yourself and your fiancé/fiancée, and have some important discussions prior to getting married.

To register for a course, please refer to the Archdiocese of Ottawa-Cornwall website for a complete list of parishes offering this course in person and virtually:

If the Archdiocese website does not have a current list of courses being offered within the diocese, an approved option is:

Catholic Engaged Encounter (English Canada East)  

Once you have completed the course, please ensure to provide the Certificate of Completion to the parish office for your marriage file.


  • The Parish Wedding Fee is $360 (includes the stipend for the priest celebrating the marriage). A deposit of $200 is to be provided at the time of your prenuptial interview with the pastor, and the balance of $110 provided at least two weeks before the ceremony. 
  • A Marriage Preparation Course Fee will vary (± $100), depending on where you register (see page 2). 
  • Church Hall Rental Fee is $800, and the Kitchen is $500 (contact the Parish office for availability). 
  • Liturgical Musicians (hiring & payment is arranged between the couple and musicians, see page 2). 

Church Hall Rental 

Blessed Sacrament’s Church Hall is available to rent at an additional cost of $300 for under 4 hours and $800 for 4hrs+, provided there are no other functions scheduled. Please check with the Parish Office to confirm availability.

A Hall Rental License Agreement must be signed by you and a witness. Along with the License Agreement, we will require a Proof of Insurance Certificate. This certificate can be obtained from your household insurance provider, or one may obtain a Certificate through the Archdiocesan-approved insurance provider, Arthur J. Gallagher Canada Limited, by clicking on Gallagher event insurance purchase link portal below. Once you have entered the portal, you may choose your language:

Liturgical Musicians

Please note that the hiring of a musician and payment for their service is to be arranged between the musician and the couple. For a list of suitable music selections and information on song choice, please refer to pages 5 and 6. The following Liturgical Musicians are available for hire: 

Documents to Provide for the Pre-Nuptial Interview 

To schedule a one-hour interview with the Pastor, please email

If you are not a registered parishioner or do not attend Blessed Sacrament on a regular basis, you will need to obtain, as per Canon Law, a Letter of Permission from the Parish Priest where you attend Mass on a regular basis, or the Priest whose Parish boundaries include the area where you live. If it is your intention to register with Blessed Sacrament Parish, you may discuss this option with the Pastor during the interview. Please ensure to bring all required documents to the Prenuptial Interview (listed below). 


The Bride and Groom are to obtain from their Parish of Baptism, a recent certified copy of their Baptismal Certificate, which will make notation of the Sacramental history for Baptism, Confirmation, marital standing, etc. 

If one person is Baptized outside of the Catholic Church, please provide a copy of the Baptismal Certificate or contact the Church of Baptism to obtain a copy.

If one person has not been Baptized, we will apply for dispensation from the Chancery office. 


The Bride and Groom will each be required to have a parent, friend or relative, fill out and sign a Diocesan Form II Affidavit, attesting to the fact that the (Bride/Groom) has never been married in a religious or civil ceremony. This document will be provided to you by the Parish office. 


All couples are required to take a Marriage Preparation Course. To register for a Marriage Preparation Course, please refer to the Archdiocese of Ottawa-Cornwall website for a current list of parishes offering this course (click here). When you have completed the course, you will need to provide the pastor with the Marriage Preparation Certificate of Completion for your wedding file. 


A Marriage License must be purchased in person at the Registrars Office (Client Services) and brought into the Parish Office at least two (2) weeks before the wedding ceremony. 

General Information


Outstanding Fees must be brought to the rehearsal. Anyone taking an active part in the wedding ceremony must be at the rehearsal. This would include ushers, readers, bridesmaids, groomsmen, parents, flower girl, ring bearer etc. To schedule a wedding rehearsal, please call the office. 


Please refer to ‘Music Selection’ on Page 3, prior to hiring a musician. Please ensure your musician contacts the parish office to arrange:
• Scheduling the musician(s) rehearsal date and time
• Unlocking of the Choir Loft (on the day of the Rehearsal and Ceremony)
• Answering questions that the musicians may have. 


A wedding is a joyful and exciting occasion but please keep in mind that Blessed Sacrament Parish is a sacred place for witnessing your vows before God. Respect and decorum need to be observed at all times. Embracing Marriage as a Sacrament will transform your whole life together and take your love to a much deeper level. 


During your Prenuptial Interview with the Pastor, you will be provided with a copy of the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops (CCCB) guideline booklet entitled, ‘The Order of Celebrating Matrimony: Liturgy Planning Guide’. This booklet provides a wide selection of acceptable Scripture readings and Prayers of the Faithful that you can choose from. 

Please be aware that non-scriptural readings, song verses, or poems are never permitted in place of the Bible readings. 

You are welcome to choose relatives or friends to proclaim the readings from the Holy Scriptures and the Prayers of the Faithful (General Intercessions). The Gospel reading is reserved for a priest or deacon to proclaim. The minimum age for a reader is 16. 


Anyone taking an active part in the wedding ceremony must be at the rehearsal. This would include ushers, readers, bridesmaids, groomsmen, parents, flower girl, ring bearer, photographer/videographer etc. To schedule a wedding rehearsal, please call the Parish office. 

Any fees owing must be brought to the rehearsal.


At a Catholic wedding, the music must give honour and glory to God, whose grace and blessing we invoke for all in attendance. For this reason, Blessed Sacrament does not allow any songs originating from secular music – such as popular love songs or themes from movies. 

Liturgical music should always express the life, death and resurrection of Christ and help us unite with the sacred. Additionally, we do not permit recorded music. The liturgy is a collection of signs expressed by living human beings.

Can we use Wagner’s “Bridal Chorus” or Mendelssohn’s “Wedding March”? These two songs have caused much debate. These instrumental pieces originated from theatrical operatic repertoire and are connected to stories of fantasy, murder, sex, and pagan elements. There are plenty of other beautiful pieces of music. 

The couple should plan music for the wedding in consultation with musicians that understand and are trained in Sacred Liturgy. Prior to discussing your song selection with the musician, please provide your song choice to the Pastor. A list of some suitable liturgical music is offered on page 5. 

Please note that hiring a musician and payment for their service is to be arranged between the musician and the couple.

The following Liturgical Musicians are available for hire: 


Please ensure your musician(s) contact the parish office to arrange: 

  • Scheduling a musician rehearsal date and time 
  • Unlocking the Choir Loft (on the day of the Rehearsal and Ceremony) 
  • Answering any questions the musicians may have. 


Photographers and videographers and their assistants are welcome. Because of the sacred nature of the church and the ceremony, they must maintain a respectful decorum at all times. They are to be reverent and discreet and may not stand in the centre aisle during the service. If there is Mass and Communion, they are not to take photographs during the Eucharistic Prayer and the reception of Holy Communion. Flash photographs are to be kept to a minimum and no extra lighting equipment is to be used. Photographers and videographers should introduce themselves to the wedding coordinator and the presiding priest at rehearsal. 


No flower petals, confetti, rice or bird seed is to be thrown inside or outside the church as the clean up of these materials after each wedding is both tedious and burdensome. Thank you for respecting this policy. 


Arrangements of flowers are left to the couple’s choice. They may be left in the church afterwards or taken to the reception. Flowers may be placed near the altar of sacrifice but not on it. Your florist must provide any stands or pedestals used. Pew bows are allowed as long as they are not affixed by pins, tacks, nails, staples or glue. Elastic bands, string, plastic pew clips or ribbons are suggested. Some mild adhesive tape is permitted to aid in affixing them so long as it will not damage the finish on the pews. Please arrange that a designated person(s) will remove any decorations, boxes, etc. immediately following the ceremony. 

Our Parish Wedding Coordinators have offered to arrive up to 1½ hours prior to the wedding ceremony in order for you to decorate the Church. To schedule a time to decorate, please contact the parish office. 


Drinks/refreshment stands of any kind are prohibited in the Narthex and Church proper. Ushers are responsible to ensure that the Church is left clean and the refuse is properly disposed of.