Elevator Instructions

Elevator Instructions

The elevator is located just inside the Accessibility Entrance on Fourth Avenue.

The elevator capacity is two persons and a wheelchair, with a maximum load of 455 kilograms.

Calling the Elevator

When entering the Accessibility Entrance, on your left are:

  • A huge round ADA push button for automatically opening the exterior door that you just came through.
  • To the right of the ADA push button, there is a small rectangular control panel that has both a large and small button. Both buttons are round and black.
  1. To call the elevator, press-and-hold the large round button, until the elevator door has fully opened.

Note that the elevator door is on your right. It opens and closes slowly.

Choosing the Floor

Inside the elevator, there is a large round button for each floor.

  1. Wait for the elevator door to have fully closed.
  2. Press-and-hold the button for the desired floor.
  3. Continue holding the button, until you have arrived at your floor.
  4. The door will open and close slowly.

From left-to-right, the available buttons are:

  • The Basement Level button will take you to the Main Hall and Conference Room. This is also where fellowship is held after Mass.
  • The Entrance Level button will take you to the ground floor Accessibility Entrance on Fourth Avenue.
  • The Church Level button will take you to the Congregation Hall, where Mass is held.