Dear Parents

Congratulations on the birth of your baby and the decision to have your child baptized! The very fact that you have asked to have your child baptized shows that you recognize the importance of God in your own lives and that you seek to pass on the gift of faith.

Through the new life of baptism we become children of God, members of the Body of Christ — which is the Church, God purifies us from sin, and we receive the Holy Spirit. Baptism becomes our commitment to grow in this new life and to strive to acquire spiritual maturity throughout our life.

By choosing baptism, you place your child in the hands of God and commit him/her to the loving care of Jesus Christ and His Mother Mary. Additionally, you accept the responsibility of teaching your child in the lifelong practice of the faith.

We pray that God will bless you and your family as you continue to be Disciples of Christ.

What do I need to know beforehand?

What should my child wear?

Typically babies wear white for their baptism. On occasion, older children do not wear white. Please feel free to dress your child however you wish. There is no set garment.

What time should I arrive?

Please arrive at the Church 15 minutes before Mass starts. There will be pews reserved (up to 3 rows) for you and your guests at the front of the Church on the right hand side, marked with signs. Each pew seats 10 to 12 people. A volunteer will call you the week of the baptism to ask how many rows you require.

May I take photos?

You are welcome, and encouraged, to take photos or videos of the actual Baptism. However, we ask that no one enters into the sanctuary except for the Parents, Godparents and child. Photos may be taken from the communion rail (with the congregation) and from the pews.

What about siblings?

Siblings are more than welcome to come into the sanctuary with you, but it is not required. This is a personal preference.

What if my child is fussing?

If your child is restless, please feel free to move and walk down the side of the Church. However, we do ask that you remain alert and prepared for the when the priest calls you and your child up to the sanctuary.