Ceremony, Signs and Symbols

Ceremony, Signs and Symbols

What will happen at my child’s Baptism? 

Here’s a brief synopsis of the baptism ceremony at Blessed Sacrament Parish.

Reception of the Child

The priest will ask the Parents: 

“What name do you give your child?” —Please say the given names only.
“What are you asking of God’s Church for your child?” Baptism. 
“You have asked for child to be baptized. Do you understand what you are undertaking?” Yes! 

The priest will ask the Godparents:

“Are you willing to help the Parents of this child in their duty as Christian parents?” Yes! 

Signing of the Child with the Cross

The priest will make a Sign of the Cross on your child’s forehead and will invite you and the Godparents to do the same.

Liturgy of the Word

Whether baptisms are celebrated within Mass or outside of Mass, readings are proclaimed, a homily is given and intercessions are prayed. After the priest’s homily/intercessions the Parents, Godparents and child to be baptized will be called forward into the sanctuary near the baptismal font. 

Oil of Catechumens

The priest will make the Sign of the Cross on the top of your child’s chest with oil. We ask that you slightly loosen any tight necklines on your child’s clothing so the priest can place the oil in the correct area. 

Renunciation of Sin and Profession of Faith

Renunciation of sin and profession of faith is presented in a series of questions. The response is: “I do.” You will renew the vows of your own baptism by rejecting sin and professing your own faith in Christ Jesus. continued … 


You will be asked to hold your child’s head over the baptismal font where the priest will pour water over their head three times saying “I baptize you in the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit”. For older children, a step stool will be made available to stand on. 

Chrism Oil

The priest will make the Sign of the Cross with oil on the top of your child’s head. The anointing seals the child with the gifts of the Holy Spirit. Baptismal Garment: White is used in Baptism as a sign of innocence and new life. The Church provides a white garment that is placed around your child’s shoulders by one of the Godparents during the ceremony. 


The priest will give the candle to one of the Godparents. Please light the baptismal candle from the Easter Candle. The candle and the stole provided by the Church are yours to keep. Use your child’s baptismal candle to celebrate the anniversary of their baptism. 

Baptismal Certificate

You receive your child’s Baptismal Certificate on the day of the Baptism. Additionally the Godparents receive a card outlining their role in the life of the child.

Signs and Symbols at Baptisms


Water, as we know, is a substance that gives life and cleanses. Therefore, the water symbolizes the new life of Christ and the washing away of sin within the soul of the child.

The Cross

The Cross is the most universal and recognizable Christian symbol. During the Baptismal Rite, the Cross reminds us of the victory won over sin and death and the immensity of Christ’s love for us through His suffering, death and resurrection. Also, it is through the Cross that we become sons and daughters of the Father and heirs to the Kingdom.


The baptismal candle is lit to remind us of the flame of faith ignited within your child and that with the help of God you are to keep their faith burning brightly. It is also a reminder that your child has been enlightened with the Spirit of Truth and Wisdom.


The oil used to anoint the child strengthens and protects them in life’s journey and against the power of evil. As “anointed” ones, they are ready to confront the world, live in it and transform it. The anointing with oil is a powerful sign that they are consecrated to Christ.