General Events

ROE Canada: The Documentary

Screening of ROE Canada: The Documentary Could a country like Canada ever experience a day like the Americans did on June 24?  Will we ever have a moment as significant as Roe’s demise?  The answer the film proffers is: Yes* Yes, if each of us take individual responsibility for the abortions happening under our watch. Yes, if we choose activism over pessimism. Yes, if our passion grows into perseverance. Yes, if our own hearts are converted, and others follow. Yes, if…

Confirmation for Adults & Older Teens

Confirmation for Adult (& older teen) Catholics: There will be a Confirmation in English for older teen & adult Catholics who have missed Confirmation on Pentecost Sunday, May 19 , 2:30 pm at Notre Dame Cathedral (note the time change from last year to 2:30 p.m.). The registration form is online at  Please note the registration deadline of April 12.  More details will be sent to parishes with candidates closer to the May date.