40 Days of Lent at Blessed Sacrament Lent begins on Ash Wednesday, and ends three days (the Thursday) before Easter Sunday. Lent is the Season of Transformation, a time when we ought to take great steps in slowing down, decreasing temporal responsibilities in order to focus on our spiritual lives, reflecting on the reason we are Catholic – God fulfilled His Promise! The Word became Flesh and Died for Us so that we might live eternally with Him! We have…

Theology on Tap During Lent

Thursdays are Theology on Tap February 22 – The Jewish Roots of the Eucharist February 29 – The Eucharist in Church History March 7 – The Mass – Its Parts and Their Purpose March 14 – Posture at Prayer – The Why and What For March 21 – “Sing Unto God” – Music and The Mass

Stations of the Cross

On Fridays During Lent, we will have the Stations of the Cross at Blessed Sacrament Parish.